Honda Monitor

Honda ECU Monitor

The Honda ECU Monitor enables a modern laptop to connect into the data stream being sent from the engine ECU to the dash. The data stream makes available many of the sensor and internal ECU values, such as:
• Revs
• Throttle
• Boost Pressure (Main and Spare sensors)
• Exhaust Pressure
• Oil and Fuel Pressure
• Water, Oil, Fuel and Air Temperature
• Mixture and Boost Switch Positions
• Ignition Angle
• Injection Time
• Battery Voltage
• Wastegate Valve
• Lambda
• Steering Wheel Button state
• Plus many more parameters that are yet to be decoded.

The Honda ECU Monitor will work with the following cars, subject to confirmation:
• 1988 McLaren MP4/4
• 1988 Lotus 100T
• 1987 Williams FW11B
• 1987 Lotus 99T
• 1986 Williams FW11
• 1985 Williams FW10

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