Keeping Racing Cars Original


OLDtronics was born out of the fact that knowledge and spares to run modern racing cars diminishes very quickly, this is particularly so for the electronic systems.

OLDtronics is dedicated to sourcing spares and keeping the knowledge to a level where it is possible to keep these historic cars running.

Due to the complex nature of many of these systems, OLDtronics recognises that it is not always possible to know all the systems on all the cars in sufficient detail, therefore, we have built up a large network of people, most of whom are the original developers or application engineers.


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On-Site Attending track days to monitor and oversee the running of the electrical, electronic and control systems
Supplier Supplying and sourcing electrical and electronic parts
Project Management Project manage the electrical and electronic aspects of your restoration projects
Connections Where we can’t help directly, finding the right people who can.